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The club
The Offshore Sailing Club of Lesvos (OSCL) was founded back in 1993 and has as a main goal the promotion of sailing all around the island of Lesvos. The club has quite a number of offshore vessels as well as a growing number of dinghies such as optimist, laser, 420 etc. Overall it is fair to say that the club has a significant presence in sport sailing events in Greece and abroad.

Sailing school
The club runs an offshore sailing school all year round with practical and theoretical lessons so that someone can obtain a skippers license and diploma. The theory module consists of  boat terminology, meteorology, nautical charts, safety, first aid etc. Practice take place in the clubs vessels. By completing the course and after successfully passing the exams one is awarded the diploma.

Dingy school
For small children and youngsters from 7-16 years old there is a dingy school teaching the basics of sailing dinghies (optimist, laser, 420) and giving them the opportunity to be the sailing athletes of tomorrow. 

Aegean Regatta: International race that is under the management of the General Secretariat of the Aegean and Island Policy and takes place in venues all around the Aegean islands.
Round the island race: 3 day race with stops in various ports of Lesvos.
Races to destinations such as: Ayvalik, Dikeli, Ai Stratis, Psara, Oinousses, Chios etc
Day dinghy races.

Other activities
The Club organizes seminars not only for the sailor but to whoever is interested in the sea in general. Subjects such as Safety, First Aid, Navigation, Meteorology, Beacons in the North Aegean is a continuing effort to promote seamanship and sea culture and awareness to the people of Lesvos.
Participation in Festivities such as the sailing week and helping the Greek Coast Guard whenever it is necessary, working and helping the local University etc.
Working close with the General Secretariat for Youth  organizing 3day trips in order to promote sailing.

Offshore Sailing Club of Lesvos. Right Mole, 81100, Mitillini, Lesvos
Tel/Fax: 0030 22510 20204 (Mon & Thu 18.00-21.30)
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